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Christian Artists

A Unique Opportunity For Christian Artists

If you are a Christian writer, singer, producer, designer or have something of spiritual value and want to reach more people than you presently are doing with your marketing efforts.We are a massive exposure, media production company and we accomplish our taskswith your support and belief in the spiritual value of what you have to offer and the way we package, expose and distribute your content through our worldwide distribution system. For more info...

Weddings On-Demand

Weddings On-Demand

Weddings On-DemandWeddings On-Demand provides the absent and present family and friends the connection and unity of being able to see and share the laughter and tears of joy and other emotions evoked by seeing the video at the same time any where in the world together and to text chat with each other in real time on the TV station.

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Welcome to Gods Eye World Outreach Network

Gods Eye World Outreach's consulting services cater to faith-based organizations, individuals, and both for-profit and not-for-profit businesses. The goal of this organization is to be a one stop faith-based website and online Christian Content Delivery Network. Our online TV station and network are where Christ-centered video sermons, music videos, films and documentaries provide preaching, teaching and interactive fellowship for our viewers. Our website is also where visitors and viewers can purchase website consulting services, pay-per-view/special event services, the founders' book, Stream Christian DVD's, sell CD's, and books, view faith-based videos, study the Bible, post prayer requests and much, much more from one location.


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